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Safe Use of Broadcast or Variable Geometry Sprayer (Mounted or Trailed) With or Without Air Assistance – PA3

1 Day

Safe Use of Broadcast or Variable Geometry Sprayer (Mounted or Trailed) With or Without Air Assistance – PA3 Training Course

Pesticide Training PA3 Spraying

1 Day training to prepare the candidate to take the City & Guilds NPTC PA3 a or b practical assessment. If you would like to attend training you must be able to proficiently use and drive the tractor used during the training and assessment.


  • Legislation
  • Preparation of applicator for use
  • Environmental risk assessment
  • Maintenance and storage
  • Label information
  • Calibration
  • Filling the applicator
  • Pesticide application records
  • Types of nozzles
  • Site work
  • Cleaning and decontamination of the applicator


  • Prepare the sprayer for work, calibrate and operate it to ensure correct application rates without risk to themselves other people and the environment.
  • Use the information detailed on product labels to determine the approved uses for the product and its potential hazards to human safety, non-target areas and the environment in general.
  • Carry out daily routine maintenance on the sprayer.
  • Carry out the correct procedure for cleaning personal protective equipment and application equipment which may have been contaminated with pesticide.


Protective Equipment:

All candidates must have personal protective equipment which must display a CE mark, consisting of:

  • Disposable Coveralls: can be a single piece suit or combination of garments, with or without hood, which covers the entire body protection Type: 5/6 particle & limited splash EN 13982 5/6
  • Face shield Splash rated EN 166
  • Nitrile gloves300mm long & minimum 0.5mm thickness EN 374
  • Wellington or water-repellent boots with a good grip (preferably with steel toe cap protection) EN 20345
  • Please bring a calculator (not a mobile phone)

PRE-REQUISITES: Candidates over 16 years, Achieved Foundation Unit PA1, proficient Tractor/ATV use and be able to interpret information on product label


All of our courses can be accredited by either NPTC or LANTRA, depending on the level of accreditation you require


  • Ground Crop Sprayer – mounted or trailed (PA2A)
  • Granule Applicator (PA4G)
  • Slug Pellets (PA4S)
  • Hand-held Applicator - knapsack (PA6A)
  • Hand-held Applicator - knapsack to or near water (PA6AW)
  • Hand-held Pesticide Injection Equipment (PA6INJ)
  • Hand-held Pesticide Plugs Equipment (PA6PP)

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