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Felling & Processing Trees from 380mm-760mm

3 days Training and 0.5 day Assessment
£635 +VAT

Training: 14-16.05.24

Assessment: 17th May or 22nd May

Training: 08-10.10.24

Assessment: tbc

Felling & Processing Trees from 380mm-760mm Training Course

·        Health & Safety requirements, including current legislation, PPE, safe operation and Risk Assessments

·        Felling larger sized trees safely and accurately using an appropriate method

·        Sned and/or de-limb larger sized trees

·        Crosscut stems over guidebar length in diameter

·        Using a hand winch to assist with felling, or taking down a ‘hung up’ tree

Protective Equipment:

·        Chainsaw boots (EN 17249), Chainsaw gloves (EN 381-7), Chainsaw helmet with visor and ear muffs (EN 397/14052/12492) 

·       Chainsaw trousers (all round protection is preferred – Type C (EN 381-5) 

·       Personal First Aid Kit 

·       A waterproof coat and over-trousers (course will continue even in rain)


Chainsaw Equipment: 

·        Serviceable chainsaw, chain with cutters of sufficient length to allow for sharpening (recommended 15 inch guide bar) 

·        Combination spanner, Guide bar scraper, Round file of appropriate size with handle for sharpening chain  

·        File guide (roller or other), Flat file with handle for depth gauges, Depth gauge setting tool, Clean brush for air filter cleaning 

·        Chain oil and Fuel

·        Felling bar, Wedge, Lifting tongs / hooks, tape measure for measuring timber


PRE-REQUISITES: Candidates must be over 16 years & hold Chainsaw Maintenance and Crosscutting 201 & 202 (CS30), 203 (CS31)


All of our courses can be accredited by either NPTC or LANTRA, depending on the level of accreditation you require

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