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Safe and Responsible Use of Sheep Dip

1 Day

Safe and Responsible Use of Sheep Dip Training Course

South East Landbased Training - Livestock

1 Day training for anyone who purchases or use sheep dip products to prepare candidates to dip sheep. Under the Medicines Order you will need to hold this qualification. Training is followed by a subsequent practical City & Guilds NPTC assessment and a computer-based online assessment.


Undertake an initial practical assessment prior to sheep being dipped (unit 1, part 1) and also take a computer based test (unit 1, part 2 (e-volve)).

There is an optional practical test which covers the practical sheep dipping operation (unit 2) please enquire if would like to participate in.

  • How to identify the parasite
  • Sheep Welfare
  • Dipping Site
  • Storage
  • Personal Contamination
  • Disposal
  • Handling Sheep after Dipping
  • Records


Protective Equipment:

  • Wellington or water-repellent boots with a good grip (preferably with steel toe cap protection) EN 20345
  • Non-snag outer clothing appropriate to the prevailing weather conditions ideally clean overralls
  • Face shield (when handling dip concentrate)
  • Bib apron (over boiler suit) or waterproof coat (PVC or nitrile)
  • Gloves (non-lined, PVC or nitrile, heavy duty gauntlet style – 0.5mm thick and at least 300mm long)
  • Waterproof leggings/ trousers (PVC or nitrile)


Candidates over 16 years



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