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Basic Stockmanship and Welfare

1 Day

Basic Stockmanship and Welfare Training Course

Seltc STOCKMANSHIP & WELFARE training course Sussex and Surrey

1 Day Training followed by a City & Guilds NPTC Assessment to gain recognition of your skills.

The course is divided into two compulsory outcomes.

  • The Principles of Basic Stockmanship and Welfare - assessed by computer based multiple choice questioning via online assessment.
  • Carry Out Basic Stockmanship and Welfare Activities assessed via one-to-one oral questioning and observation of practical performance with an approved independent assessor.


  • Housing Requirements - the stockperson when carrying out routine practical livestock duties on a day to day basis taking in to account safety of themselves, other people and the environment
  • Environmental factors and Emergencies - Demonstrate knowledge of the procedures to be followed in the event of each of the following emergencies
  • Five Welfare Needs - identify those key aspects of legislation which apply to themselves, other people, the environment and the wellbeing of livestock
  • Dealing with abortion – Demonstrate knowledge of signs, principal causes, risk to persons and infected animals
  • Health Care and Welfare - the stockperson when carrying out routine practical livestock duties, ensuring the well being of livestock under their control
  • Biosecurity & Vermin Control


  • Carry out basic stockmanship an welfare activities

Protective Equipment:

  • Wellington or water-repellent boots with a good grip (preferably with steel toe cap protection) EN20345
  • Non-snag outer clothing - ideally clean overralls
  • Waterproof leggings/ trousers (PVC or nitrile)

Site Equipment:

  • Suitable animal species for handling with adequate restraints (crush, pen, halter, muzzle, extra person to help hold etc.)
  • Portable fencing unit and posts


There are no formal entry requirements but candidates should ideally possess prior experience of working with a range of livestock & candidates over 16 years of age


All of our courses can be accredited by either NPTC or LANTRA, depending on the level of accreditation you require


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