South East Landbased
Training Courses LLP

Off Road Vehicle Operating (4 x 4)

Boost your confidence and know-how to tackle the toughest challenges that the land – and the unpredictable British weather – can throw at you.

Mobile Elevated Work Platform

1 Day Integrated City & Guilds NPTC Training and Assessment for anyone who operates a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) for gaining access to a work position without the use of a rope and harness. The course to enable the learner to Inspect, prepare, operate and maintain a MEWP. MEWP training and assessment can be on any two […]

Forward Tipping Dumper

Seltc Forward Tipping Dumper Training Course Sussex

Forward tipping dumpers are considered to have one of the highest rates of accidents, causing serious injuries and even fatalities. This course will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to operate the machine safely, protecting both you and those around you. This course offers two certificate options: operating either a tracked or wheeled machine […]

360 Excavator

Seltc 360 Excavator Training Course Sussex

Up to 3 Day course duration according to level of experience, modules or attachments selected, or the ratio of instructor to candidates. Training and Assessment from LANTRA and machines can be tracked or wheeled. Candidates are required to complete a skills scan to assess course duration. Courses offer a range of delivery options: below ten […]