South East Landbased
Training Courses LLP

Felling & Processing Trees from 380mm-760mm

3 Day City & Guilds NPTC Independent Training and Assessment for experienced operators to promote and understand relevant health and safety and industry good practice. Participation requires candidates to have the pre-requisite qualification of Felling Trees upto 380mm

Tree Fungi Identification

One Day Certificate of Attendance to include topics: Morphological features of Fungi Groups   Fungi Habitats and Colonisation Strategies Types of Decay Diversity of Fruiting Bodies Observational Field Skills What to record and how to record it

Utility Arboriculture

Individuals who operate around utility services as part of their work in arboriculture, forestry, or other industries. It will provide the individual with the basic electrical knowledge, understanding required for safe working in the identified Industries.

Off Road Vehicle Operating (4 x 4)

Boost your confidence and know-how to tackle the toughest challenges that the land – and the unpredictable British weather – can throw at you.

Mobile Elevated Work Platform

1 Day Integrated City & Guilds NPTC Training and Assessment for anyone who operates a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) for gaining access to a work position without the use of a rope and harness. The course to enable the learner to Inspect, prepare, operate and maintain a MEWP. MEWP training and assessment can be on any two […]

Tractor Driving and Related Operations

Seltc Tractor Driving Training Course Sussex and Kent

Brush up your skills, or learn them from scratch, with our comprehensive tractor driving course. The tractor is an essential piece of machinery for so many businesses and operating it safely and efficiently is absolutely vital. Whether you’re an experienced or just starting out, our instructors will steer you through the entire tractor-driving process. This […]

Handheld Hedgecutters

Seltc Powered Pole Pruner Training Courses Sussex and Kent

1 Day integrated City & Guilds NPTC Training and assessment for the safe operation of Handheld Hedgecutters. The qualification is aimed at but not exclusive to those who use Handheld Hedgecutters as per of their work either in horticulture, arboriculture, or forestry

Manually Fed Brushwood Chipper

Seltc Manual Fed Brushwood Chipper Trainig Courses Sussex

1 Day integrated City & Guilds NPTC Training and assessment. Suitable for anyone who operates a manually fed brushwood chipper to dispose of brash, short round wood and long round wood up to a diameter of the capacity of the machine being used.

Brushcutters and/or Trimmers

South East Landbased Training - Machinery Training

1 Day integrated City & Guilds NPTC Training and assessment for anyone who operates a Brush cutter (fixed blade) & or Trimmer (nylon cord) in the horticulture, forestry, landscaping, and grounds maintenance industry.  

Stump Grinders

Seltc Stump Grinding Training Courses Sussex and Kent

1 Day integrated City & Guilds NPTC Training and assessment for the safe operation of a stump grinder. Learn how to prepare the equipment, site, operations and carry out maintenance of the stump grinder.